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(N. E. W)

 Internet based early warning system and super ai solution that rapidly computes global data to predict and alarm networks of pending hazards.


(A. G. E. S). 

Transforms space (astro) & earth (geo) infrastructure to alarm, shield, transmit, charge, and redirect storm energy to support water, power, and agricultural success. N.E.W + A.G.E.S. are a multinational R&D strategy that employs humans and AI to shield earth from incoming hazards and full-fill the goals of the Paris Climate accord. A.G.E.S. creates a demand for space ore / materials through its buildout and maintenance thus it guides impactful 21st century investment strategies



 An integrated EM repulsion-launch and ion-thrust vehicle used to resupply space stations, support A.G.E.S. operations, and aid in the retrieval, processing, and transportation, of space ore to earth and near earth space build sites. 



Forest fires raging, ice caps melting, lightning strikes igniting forest fires and damaging infrastructure. Big storms are growing in power and frequency inflicting 100's of  billions of dollars in losses. The Earth is getting hotter and creating more water vapor that is fueling losses and impacting global productivity. Many leaders of earth are requesting bold solutions  to counter the rising tide. 

Americas Green Corps is the owner and architect of "Americas Green Reconstruction Plan", a copyrighted technological peace & conflict resolution strategy focused on guiding the development of key pieces of technology that alarm the public of environmental hazards, shields earth, and powers humanities lightbulb. We are steering the big wheel onto a sustainable course and onward to starry  horizons.


In the historic winter of 2022-2023 78 trillion gallons of water fell in the form of rain & snow as multiple low pressure systems flowed ashore and released its energy across the California lab space. This replenished snow packs & watersheds, aided in reforestation, and rapidly recharged almost all of Californias reservoirs––which act like a giant battery that provides water and power for millions of people. Mountains of snow make the rivers flow and the gardens grow. 

Integrating 21st century infrastructure on earth and in space will improve public safety and reduce losses––while optimizing the function of the renewable grid. A.G.E.S. supports planetary defense & conflict resolution through multi-national projects that constitute a global warming extinction prevention system.

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Together we are building revolutionary networks and sustainable energy systems. Our technology evolves aging / non-operational energy and transportation infrastructure into the foundation of a 21st century grid. This will create a demand for earth & space materials that illuminate a new course for the global economy.

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