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(N. E. W)


(A. G. E. S). 



Internet gateway device and tower based emergency broadcast system that alarms connected users of fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and other pending environmental hazards. Our 

early warning system improves communication network speeds and upgrades national security.

This sky-earth-energy absorption system completes the renewable energy family.  It is used to shield earth from insolation (incoming solar radiation) and rapidly charge static & mobile batteries while recycling / upgrading existing railway, steam, oil, gas, and electric networks to 
transmit  renewable electricity from county to county, state to state, and in time nation to nation. 

High-altitude pneumo electro magnetic integrative launch system. An all-electric repulsion-launch, ion-thrust system that charges and re-supplies space stations, then redelivers space ore back to Earth / Space Build sites to be used in further modernization of the infrastructure & tech that redirects storm energy and powers collaboration towards human progress.



Forest fires raging, lightning strikes causing $5 to $6 billion in damage each year.  Hurricanes are growing in power, inflicting hundreds of billions of dollars in losses. The Earth is getting hotter!

 Project First Light is a technological peace and conflict resolution strategy focused on developing key pieces of technology that alarms public of environmental hazards and redirects global warming effects to power progress. We are transforming our foundation of infrastructure to shield, capture, store, and transmit astro-geo-energy to ensure  the success of longterm water,  power, transportation, and agricultural master plans.


In the first ten minutes of a hurricane making landfall it releases more energy than all the nuclear weapons on the planet combined. Storage of high energy discharges are the key to rapid-charge batteries and the major obstacle for electric vehicle mass production. Did you know the average thunderstorm can power 200,000 US homes? The technological keys to countering the rising tides reveals the pathway to humanities upward growth into space?

Integrating lightning collection technology into the land, air, and sea will reduce annual losses inflicted by the growing number of storms and will improve public safety of farmlands. This will reduce destruction of our national forests / farmland and support regeneration. Insurance statistical information confirms lightning claims costs are up over 150% and the Geophysics Union confirms 50 year storm frequency is increasing.

We are building evolutionary networks and clean rapid-charge batteries that  absorb astro-geo-energy and shield our land, air, and most importantly, our beautiful sea. Our technology bridges fossil fuel infrastructure with our renewable energy system (A.G.E.S.) and supports space progress.

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